Lingua Language Center Makes You Learning English With Very Easy And Fast

Many people study English for many years. But many of them were disappointed that they did not obtain the results as they expected. Even after years of studying, when they meet a native speakers or go to an English speaking country, they realize that they cannot say one sentence correctly.

It takes a long time to learn a language, and maybe learning English MIGHT be particullary difficult (depends on your first language). Please do not be panic if you cannot speak or understand or write English well yet! Just be relax and do not force yourself, then it will come.

Learn new

Could I learn English very fast?

The answer is YES!

How? What do I recommend for you this kind of go

1. Built your Big Passion

The incredible passions is the first and most important thing that you need to achieve this goal.


To obtain your goals in order to master English quickly is the minimum you must study English 8 to14 hours a day and to be able to do so you must be interested, and energetic. To improve that quickly intervening, you must be passionate and incredibly enthusiastic. To create passion, you need very compelling reasons to learn English. Remember, Emotion is 80% of success, method is only 20%.

Become obsessed with English!

Make your reasons bigger!

Bigger is Bigger Passion reasons! Bigger Passion is Bigger Success!

Just getting a job or a good job is not a strong enough reason. Just doing well on a test is not a strong enough reason. You need BIG and HUGE reasons for achieve your goal. Imagine all the incredible benefits you will have as a fluent English speaker.

Imagine how your future will change about 3-10 years from now.

If you are motivated by money, imagine how English can make you to be rich person. You can visualizing you have a luxury house, luxurious car. If you are motivated by love, imagine that you get foreign partner of your life. Summary, make your motivation in learning English as real as possible, so you get a lot of energy from all desires.

2. Focus on English INPUT

Do not waste time studying grammar or vocabulary! Grammar is only one part of learning English, or any language. However, many people learn foreign languages ​​just focus on grammar. In fact, we need to practice model also reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as learning new vocabulary and improving our pronunciation to be able to speak English fluently.

You should spend 80% of your time either listening or reading English. This is the most efficient and fastest method for speaking English fluently. Always have a book with you and do not forget to carry your I-Pod wherever you are. Do not listen the music, but you should listen mostly to the Mini-Story Lessons, audio Articles or the Point of View Lessons. These are will help you learn fastest Because It contains the most powerful lessons. You should not waste your time by reading textbooks but easy read English novels or you can starting with novels for children.

3. Massive Intensity

You must listen and read English constantly. Make this activity alternately, for example, you can read for 30 minutes and then listen for 30 minutes, then read again for 30 minutes, and so on. But, if you are really focused on speaking well, do more listening. You can spend more time to listen.

Of course, most people do not need to improve so quickly intervening. Some would just learn to 1-2 hours per day.